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Acustic band

Acoustic and thermal insulating adhesive tape

Improves acoustic conditioning

Eliminates thermal and acoustic bridges

Eliminates the vibrations generated between the metal profiles and the plates of different materials (plaster-cardboard, fiber cement, OSB, etc.), contributing 3 to 4 dB when interrupting the acoustic bridges

Easy installation


Raw material

Roll width

Sales unity ​

Free of phthalates, heavy metals Temperature resistance

Moisture resistance

Fire resistance

Resistance to microorganisms ​ ​



3 mm

Vynil (PVC)

40mm, 60mm or 100mm

15 mt

Nch 3251-3 - GCH

Max. 60° C

Unalterable and insoluble in water

FMVSS 302, NFPA 260 

Antibacterial AATCC 147-2011

Antifungal ASTM G21

Can kept for 10 years

100% washable with soap and water

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Acustic band.jpg
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