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Wall protect - Wall cover

Coat with style

Wall Impact protection Coating

Especially suitable for clinics, public spaces, nursing homes.

Product weight


Raw material

roll width

Sales unit

Free of phthalates, heavy metals and toluene ​

Resistant to cleaning and disinfection ​ ​ ​



Temperature resistance

Light fastness resistance

Moisture resistance

Fire resistance

Resistance to microorganisms



Storage Cleaning

1.400 gr/m2 

2.5 mm

Vynil (PVC)

1,3 mt


Nch 3251-3 - GCH


Alcohol, Quaternary Ammonium, Dilute Chlorine, Detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide

Max. 60° C

AATCC 16.3 opt 3 200 hours

Unalterable and insoluble in water

IFMVSS 302, NFPA 260 

Antibacterial AATCC 147-2011

Antifungus ASTM G21

Can kept for 10 years

100% washable with soap and water

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wall protect.jpg


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